About Us

Welcome to the Odyssey Gastropub.

An ode to the Heritage of the Cape, an iconic destination on the global shipping routes. While the journey itself was an Odyssey, with the Cape providing a fundamental source of fresh produce and relaxation after months at sea, we believe that the making of any good produce is an Odyssey in itself, be it wine in a barrel, a cow in the meadow or a carrot in the earth.

Our vision in being your 'local', is to provide both food and drink that is produced using ingredients sourced locally. 

Come and enjoy a selection of locally crafted beers, our favourite cape wines and classic pub dishes brought to life by using simply the best sourced local produce around.

gas·tro·pub [gas-troh-puhb] noun a bar that serves good food and high-quality alcoholic beverages.
Origin: 1990–95; gastro(nomy) + pub

od·ys·sey [od-uh-see] noun a long series of wanderings or adventures, usually marked by many changes of fortune




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Contact Info

  • Phone 021 422 4084
  • Email matt@theodyssey.co.za
  • Address 199 Bree Street, Cape Town


  • Mon:4pm - 10pm
  • Tues - Sat:12pm - 12am
  • Sun:Closed

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